Vision 2012
'Loved by Christ and Challenged to Grow'

At Pentecost 2012 we launched our new vision: 

'Loved by Christ and Challenged to Grow'

Over the next 5 years, as we continue ‘Sharing God’s life’,
we want to experience more deeply the reality that
in Jesus we are loved by God and respond positively to his challenge to grow;

grow in our personal discipleship,

grow in our corporate discipleship,

grow in our effectiveness as instruments of the kingdom in our communities,

grow as congregations.

Prayer is underlying our personal and corporate discipleship. 

Therefore, during Lent 2014, we ran

A Prayer School
Learn - Try - Discover

The invitation is to slow down and make space to explore the rich stream of Contemplative Spirituality.
The course was based on the book "Rhythms of Grace" by Tony Horsfall.
For general information, please see this leaflet.
These are the handouts from the five evenings:

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