Sunday Club at St Nicholas

Ar St Nicholas, children are always welcome at our services.

Sunday Club runs during term time every Sunday (except 3rd of the month) and the children enjoy their own activities in the Parish Room during the 11am service. The Children start the service sitting with their parents, leaving for their activites during the first hymn and returning in time to meet their family to go up to the altar rail togther for communion or a blessing.

The group follow the "Roots" programme, which usually links with the theme that the adults are follwing in church. There is a story, prayer, sometimes singing and an activity. Towards the end of the main service they are usually invited to the front to share what they've done with an appreciative audience - they usually mange to upstage the clergy!

If children do wish to remain in church with their family they are welcome to do so. There are some packs at the back of church to which they are welcome to help themselves. There are toys available for use at the back of the church in the carpeted area.

On the third Sunday of the month (in Term time) Messy Church takes place in St Nicholas CE Primary School in the School Hall.  Outside of Term time the service in church is suitable for the children to stay with their families in church. The service is simplified and includes a short talk suitable for all ages.

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