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We are four churches, St Mary’s Twyford, St Nicholas Hurst, St James Ruscombe and Twyford United Reformed Church, working in relationship with each other in order that we can be part of God’s life on our communities more effectively.

We each have slightly different ways of worshipping; but the same love for the one we worship.

We each relate best to different parts of the community; but seek to express the same sacrificial love that God has for all creation.

We each represent different strands of Christian tradition; but share the same desire for ourselves and for other people; that we might come to know God better by getting to know his son,  Jesus Christ.

THRU-Christ is our attempt to express something of our life together on a website. I hope you enjoy exploring it. Do come and see what this life looks like in the flesh. It is a bit more messy, but a lot more fun!


Yours in Christ


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