Services at St. Mary's, Twyford

10.30am Worship for All

Adults and children of all ages are especially welcome to the 10.30 service at St Mary's.

The 10.30 service is informal and uses contemporary music, led by a keyboard player or a small band, with words visible on a data projection system. The services begin and end with all ages worshipping together. In between the children (ages 3-11) meet in their Trailblazer group, and the young people (ages 11+) meet in their Woo group, both in the church centre, and the adults stay in the church. During this part of the service everyone is exploring the same bible reading. There is a crèche for the under 3's.

On the first Sunday in a month, we all worship together in a family service.

On the third Sunday in a month, the worship includes Communion.

Please check the diary here for specific details each week.

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