Baptisms at the Anglican churches are conducted either within the 10.30 service at St. Mary's Twyford, or at a separate service of baptism at 12.30 at St. James Ruscombe. Baptisms at the URC normally take place within the10.30am Sunday morning service.


Baptisms at the Anglican Church

After your initial enquiry about a baptism, you will be asked to attend a Family Service at St. Mary's Church, after which you will be given an information pack and invited to come to meet one of the ministers at 4pm the following Sunday. This provides an opportunity to discuss the meaning of the promises that you will make in Baptism, and to arrange a date for the service. You will also be offered the alternative Service of Naming and Blessing should you prefer.

Baptisms at the URC

Jesus welcomed little children coming to him, and we gladly receive children who come to us. Baptism is a special act in which children are blessed and become members of the universal Church. As such it is an unrepeatable act. This means that if they have been baptized as an infant, they cannot later be baptized as an adult. At least one parent or guardian needs to make certain promises, as part of the Baptism. If you do not feel able to make any promises, or wish your child to choose for themselves in adult life whether or not to be part of the Church, we can offer you a service of 'Dedication, Blessing and Naming'. This service does not involve a Christian commitment, and doesn't prevent your child choosing to be baptized later in life.

After the baptism

As your child's first three baptism anniversaries approach you will be invited to remember your baptism ceremony in a Family Service by the lighting of the baptism candle.

After your child's third birthday he or she will be able to start in our 'Trailblazer' groups.

In addition, we also have a number of activities for the children and for the whole family.

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