Ride+Stride for Churches 2022


Ride+Stride is Berkshire’s annual sponsored ‘cycle, run or walk’ event organised by the Berkshire Historic Churches Trust (BHCT). It is part of the nationwide Ride+Stride event run by the National Churches Trust.

The event aims: to raise money for Berkshire’s churches; promote interest in our county’s churches; and to involve people of all ages in a fun outdoor challenge.

Money raised in the event is divided 50/50 between the church of the participant’s choice and the BHCT. The BHCT recovers gift aid on eligible donations and uses its share of any money raised to help churches in Berkshire with the costs of conservation and renovation.  Last year's Ride and Stride raised nearly £25,000 for the BHCT, £856 of which was raised by the Twyford and Ruscombe LEP churches.

                                                            Date - Saturday 10 September 2022

This year's Ride and Stride will take place on Saturday 10 September 2022. The Twyford and Ruscombe LEP churches of St Mary's, the URC and St James' support Ride & Stride and will have sign-in sheets for any cyclists, runners or walkers that visit their church porches on the day between 10 am and 6 pm .

As in previous years, I am planning to represent the LEP by cycling to a small sample of the many beautiful churches spread across Berkshire, including the 3 Twyford and Ruscombe LEP churches.  I would welcome any sponsorship that members of LEP churches can give me in support of this worthwhile cause. 

                                                                          Why Not Take Part?

                                                                                 As a Participant:

This year, I would also like to invite members of our LEP to consider paying a visit to one or more of the many beautiful churches found across Berkshire, any time between 10 am and 6 pm on 10 September 2022.  And remember, you can walk, run, cycle or use any form of motorised transport between churches. So why not plan a day out either individually or in a group and take a picnic to any of the Berkshire Churches taking part in this year's event, and raise funds for your LEP churches while you do so?  I am sure that you will enjoy the Day!   

                                                                                                            Or as a Helper:

To welcome Ride and Stride participants at one of our benefice churches or to coordinate the completion of sponsorship forms and collection of donations for participating LEP churches.

To Find Out More About Ride and Stride either as a participant or as a helper at one of our Benefice Churches, please see the BHCT website or email me or call me.

John Porter

Twyford and Ruscombe LEP Ride and Stride Coordinator

jl.porter2016@gmail.com; mbl 07871-252299

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