St James' Facilities Project

•       St James' has no toilet, no drains, and one sink, used for everything from communion vessels to floor mops, which drains into an open gutter.

•       All storage is open to mice or bats.

•       There is only one entrance (2 previous doors blocked off) and no area for buggies or mobility.

•       Our original plans for a new facilities block within the churchyard were withdrawn owing to insurmountable planning issues.

•       We are now investigating the possibility of re-ordering the present vestry to provide additional facilities within the existing church building.  Look out for updates on this page.

•       We have done our best to contact all those who generously donated to the original project to advise them of the present position.  If you donated but have not yet heard from us, please leave a message with the Church Office so that we can contact you.

Last modified: Wednesday, 20 January 2021, 3:31 PM