Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our churches currently have adopted separate statements of mission, vision and values. They were developed at different times as we came together into the benefice.

St Mary’s Twyford, St James Ruscombe and Twyford United Reformed Church St Nicholas, Hurst


Sharing God's Life

  • God shares His life with us in Christ
  • We share God's life with each other
  • We share God’s life with our community and the world.


A Christian community that lives out its faith to make a difference.


Loved by Christ and Challenged to Grow

We want to experience more deeply the reality that in Jesus we are loved by God and respond positively to his challenge to grow:

  • Grow in our personal discipleship
  • Grow in our corporate discipleship
  • Grow in our effectiveness as instruments of the kingdom in our communities
  • Grow as congregations.



A vibrant worshipping community rooted in Christ’s love.


  • Sacrificial Service and Giving
  • Humility and Integrity
  • Faithfulness and Trust
  • Being rooted in the Word
  • Unconditional Love


Rooted in our relationship with Christ and our Anglican tradition we aspire to be a community that:

  • Is friendly and welcoming.
  • Builds relationships based on openness, trust, & forgiveness.
  • Is an integral and active part of the parish.
  • Acknowledges and appreciates the sacred space that is St Nicholas.
  • Provides opportunities to explore our relationship with God.
  • Recognises it is part of a worldwide Christian community, and doesn’t take itself too seriously

Further details for the churches in Ruscombe and Twyford are available here:

Details about the vision and steps we have taken to make the vision a reality

Our Mission Action Plan

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