Vision 2012
'Loved by Christ and Challenged to Grow'

Over the next 5 years, as we continue ‘Sharing God’s life’,
we want to experience more deeply the reality that
in Jesus we are loved by God and respond positively to his challenge to grow;

grow in our personal discipleship,

grow in our corporate discipleship,

grow in our effectiveness as instruments of the kingdom in our communities,

grow as congregations.

Growing as disciples is a key element of our vision. 

In order to respond to God’s challenge to grow, in order to be better equipped for mission,
the call is for us to engage more purposefully in growing as disciples.
Like the first disciples our task over the next 5 years
is to grow as a community of apprentices of Jesus.

The first step in growing as disciples together was the sermon series and study materials that explored the five core Gospel values that came out of the vision process:

Sacrificial Service and Giving, Humility and Integrity, Faithfulness and Trust, Unconditional Love, Being Rooted in the Word

The next step in our development as disciples was

Discipleship 2013

This was a four month, church wide course that aimed to explore Jesus' core teaching on the Kingdom of God and how we might apply it to our lives. There were three elements to the course.

1. A study guide
After lots of research and discussion among the Discipleship Group leaders, we had chosen as our study guide a Spring Harvest Bible work book called

'Sermon on the Mount' by Jenny Baker

2. A sermon series
From January to May there was a sermon each month in each church on the passages from each chapter in the study guide.

Jan 13th Launch
Jan 20th Matthew 5: 1-12
Citizens of the Kingdom - Beatititudes
Feb 10th Matthew 5:13-20
The Church Community
Feb 17th Matthew 5:21-48 Beyond the Law
March 10th Matthew 6:1-18 Keep it Secret
March 17th Matthew 6:19-34
Do not worry
March 31st Easter
April 21st Matthew 7:1-12 Forgive and be forgiven
May 19th Matthew 7:13-20 Back down the Mountain


The preachers provided additional insight into the passages and how we might apply them to our lives. They provided an outline of the sermon and some questions to think about.

The recordings of the sermons at St Mary's and the sermon outlines can be accessed here, once they become available.


Discipleship 2013 was for all ages. On those Sundays, 'Trailblazers' explored these passages too.

3. Discipleship Groups
People could engage on this course as an individual, os as part of a Discipleship Group.

A work of the Holy Spirit

Let us trust and pray that through focusing on Jesus' teaching in the Sermon on the Mount the Holy Spirit will work in us and amongst us that we might grow in our effectiveness as instruments of his Kingdom.

The prayer that came out of the Vision 2012 process

Dear Lord God, please help us to be bold and to trust you more,
to put you first, and find our self worth in you
so that, empowered by the Holy Spirit,
we can share your love with others to help your kingdom come.
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