The L.E.P and Benefice Lent Course 2016.

“Life on the Frontline”


The Topic

As we follow our vision of ‘Being loved by Christ and challenged to Grow’ we have always recognised that we make progress by walking on the two ‘legs’ of Discipleship and Mission. During Epiphany (January!) in St James & St Mary’s we focused on Discipleship with the sermon series ‘Being transformed into his likeness’. In Lent we are focusing on Mission with the course ‘Life on the Frontline’ produced by the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity  (licc)

This is how licc describes the course

 “Life on the Frontline’ explores some core questions about how God might use us to make a difference in todays’ world. Where we live and work matters deeply to God. These places may seem ‘ordinary’. Yet they offer extraordinary potential to grow in faith and join with God in his mission in the world. They are our frontlines.”


The Content

Each of the 6 sessions includes a DVD, discussion, bible reflections, and prayer. Each week there is a ‘Frontline Takeaway’ with a prayer, an action to take and a reflection to prepare us for the next session. So there is home work!

These are the 6 topics

Session 1: The Frontline Call                        What is my frontline and why does it matter?

Session 2: The Frontline Commission      What happens when life on our frontline feels difficult?

Session 3: The Frontline Community       How do our church activities equip us for our frontline?

Session 4: The Frontline Concern              How do you know what to do on your frontline?

Session 5: The Frontline Cry                        How does our frontline shape our prayer?

Session 6: The Frontline Commitment    How can we sustain our commitment to one another as whole -life disciples?


There is a ‘Participants Guide’ that can be downloaded from the licc website Follow this link here.

There will also be printed copies available on the first night.


The Structure

We will start our Lent course all together on Wednesday Feb 17th at St Mary’s Church

7.45 for 8pm, finishing by 9.45.

After that we will meet in small groups, either existing Discipleship groups or

two special ‘Lent groups’ that will each meet at St Mary’s on Wednesdays.

10.30am with Geoff and with Simon.


We will be sorted into our groups on the first night.

For sessions 2-6 we will meet in our small groups.

The last session will be during Holy Week. (w/k starting March 20th )

There will be a Frontline Celebration and story sharing session on Wednesday April 14th


If you are not free for session 1 but want to be part of a small group, please let me know which of the small groups you are able to take part.


The Challenge

These ‘Life on the Frontline’ sessions will prompt many discussions. Our hope is that these will help all of us taking part to:

  • Recognise where our own Frontlines are.
  • Talk about the joys and challenges of our Frontlines.
  • Become increasingly aware of what God is doing there.
  • Begin to understand how God might use us on our Frontlines.
  • Hear new stories of God at work.
  • Be encouraged to pray with real purpose for each other.
  • Recognise how relevant the Bible is for all disciples serving God on their Frontlines.


Come and take up the Lenten challenge!


Yours in Christ



Revd Simon Howard,

Vicar, Ruscombe & Twyford with Hurst

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