Vision 2012
'Loved by Christ and Challenged to Grow'

At Pentecost 2012 we launched our new vision: 

'Loved by Christ and Challenged to Grow'

Over the next 5 years, as we continue ‘Sharing God’s life’,
we want to experience more deeply the reality that
in Jesus we are loved by God and respond positively to his challenge to grow;

grow in our personal discipleship,

grow in our corporate discipleship,

grow in our effectiveness as instruments of the kingdom in our communities,

grow as congregations.

This page describes details of this vision and the steps we are taking to make this vision a reality.

About the vision

Please click on of the links below for more details of our vision.


Key Gospel values

Growing as disciples is a key element of our vision. In the process that formulated this vision, we came up with five core Gospel values:

Sacrificial Service and Giving, Humility and Integrity, Faithfulness and Trust, Unconditional Love, Being Rooted in the Word

During summer and autumn 2012, a sermon series and corresponding study material explored these values.

The sermon recordings and notes including summaries and questions for group discussions can be found here.

(click on the file you are interested in, click on 'Download', and then choose between saving the file or opening it in an application.)

Discipleship 2013

Over the first few months of 2013, we did Discipleship 2013, a church wide course. It was based on the Sermon on the Mount and consisted of a sermon series and discipleship group discussions.

More details can be found here.

Prayer School 2014

During Lent 2014, we ran a Prayer School, to explore new ways to draw closer to God.

More details on the Prayer School page.

Studying Revelation in 2015

In 2015, we studied the book of Revelation together. Find the sermon recordings and notes here.

Life on the Frontline - Lent Course 2016

During Ephiphany we focused on Discipleship with the sermon series "Being transformed into his likeness". In Lent we focused on Mission with the course "Life on the Frontline" produced by the London Institure of Contemporary Christianity.

For more details on the course, click here.

Further steps planned

We would like to take the overall vision and apply it to individual areas of church life and church activities. This is happening to some extent already, but should be broadened to to cover everything.

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