Midweek Discipleship Groups

We all feel refreshed by our time together

and we learn a lot about the Bible – and ourselves!’

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Discipleship, i.e. following the example of Jesus and being his apprentices, is a key element of our vision as a church.  We can grow in our discipleship by 

  • watching what Jesus and other disciples do and following their example
  • sharing with others what we do and have discovered so they can grow in discipleship too
  • being willing to be taught and to teach, by being a supportive, learning community

Small groups play an important role in this, whatever part of your faith journey you are at. 

We have got groups on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Most groups meet in the evening, but some meet in the morning.

Contact the church office for more details: 0118 9344792 or office@thru-christ.org.uk

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