Take a group of young people aged about 11-16. Mix together with some Bible teaching. Add a game (or two). Sprinkle with prayer. Carefully add a large dollop of questions about life, the universe, and anything else you can think of. Allow to simmer gently in the Youth Room upstairs for 45 minutes or so during a Sunday morning service. Stir occasionally with a quiz, a challenge or a breathtaking revelation about God. Top with Crunchie bars or something like that -“ the perfect Woo! Sundae (or Sunday).

Woo meets every Sunday during the 10.30am service at St Mary's, except the first Sunday of the month, when there is a Youth Service in the evening.

From time to time, Woo runs the 10.30 service. This includes sermons preached by members of Woo. Some sermons from previous Woo led services can be found by clicking here.

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