Vacancy Updates

Over the next few months, we’ll be posting a series of updates here to keep everyone informed about the process of choosing our next vicar for the Benefice of Ruscombe & Twyford with Hurst.

You may have seen this period described as an "interregnum", but we are encouraged to use the term "period of vacancy" to describe this time between when Simon leaves and our new vicar arrives.

During this time, we will be going through a process of thinking, praying and reflecting on where God is leading us as a Benefice and LEP, and the sort of person we need to work with us as we seek to follow God’s direction.

The outputs from this process will be:

  • a Benefice Profile, which describes us – our churches, the area we live in and something about our vision and mission.
  • a Role Description, setting out in more detail the way in which we see the role of our future incumbent
  • a Person Specification – the sort of person we believe God is calling to join us in fulfilling his purposes among us.

The formal responsibility for much of this falls upon the Churchwardens and PCCs of the Benefice but they will be looking to recruit others with particular skills and gifts to help with the work of compiling these documents and, in due course, interviewing candidates.

We will be posting updates here to keep you informed throughout the process.  Do please take time to read them:

Update 1 - 24 July 2016

Update 2 - 7 August 2016

Update 3 - 26 September 2016

Update 4 - 24 October 2016

Update 5 - 16 November 2016

Update 6 - 25 December 2016

Update 7 - 5 February 2017

Update 8 - 10 March 2017

Update 9 - 19 March 2017

Update 10 - 27 April 2017

We have two Vacancy Prayers which we are using throughout this process, both in our worship together and in our private prayers:

 Heavenly Father, you have promised through your Son Jesus Christ, that when we meet in his name, he will be among us and hear our prayer.

We pray for our churches St. James’s, St. Mary’s and St. Nicholas during this period of vacancy. 

We thank you for your Holy Word. May it be a lantern to our feet, a light to our paths and a strength in our lives and church community. 

Take us and with the power of the Holy Spirit, use us so that we may serve you and preserve and increase the faith of your people in Ruscombe, Twyford and Hurst until our new vicar is appointed. Amen

 And a prayer for the appointment process itself:

 Heavenly Father, we pray for the process of recruitment for a new vicar for our Benefice and LEP in Ruscombe, Twyford and Hurst.  May we be guided by the Holy Spirit in all our preparations for the appointment. 

We pray that you will be with all who consider coming here, so that at the end of the process, we find the right person, who in their turn is happy and willing to come here.  We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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